Wednesday, 24 August 2016



Today I have finished another pair of buildings for the abandoned city, two of my favourites! The Cinema Complex and the Multi-Storey Car Park bring some amenities to the city, and should fit in nicely with the rest of the collection. It was a pleasure to paint something quick and small like this, something a little different from the massive Residential Blocks.
The abandoned Cinema, overgrown and rotten
This sculpt is less detailed than the rest of the Blotz terrain range for some reason, so I added some vents and air ducts to add some more detail and colour. Large growths of plant life also add interest to the rather flat surfaces
The overgrown Multi-Storey Car Park, still in better state than some of the car parks in my local area
As mentioned above, I intend to add a few more cars to the various levels of the Car Park to add some more detail and colour
The pair together
The new additions alongside some of the other buildings
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  1. That car park just needs a few tiny white lightning sozzled homeless guys for the real boscompton feel.