Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wrecking Crew


I realise everyone must be getting bored of my terrain updates by now, but trust me, we're nearly there!

In addition to the piles of Office Buildings and Residential Blocks, I acquired a pair of Blotz' damaged/ruined buildings to add something a little different. The detail of the damage is rather simplistic, so I spiced them up with some spare pieces of MDF, pieces of slate and sand from some old basing kits and a spare Typhoon Attack Helicopter!

The purpose of this was to make them appear more interesting and ultimately, more realistic. After painting the rust and broken masonry I went nuts with the overgrown plantlife, trying to match the look of a favourite piece of Dropzone artwork featuring a crashed and overgrown vehicle of (presumed) EAA origin. Piles of rubble piled around the edges of the building add something to really give the impression the buildings have been through a (small) war.

I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of abandoned cities, both real and imagined, to get an idea of what they would look like. Chernobyl was a particular influence, as it is relatively untouched by human hands, simply abandoned to nature. I realise I could have gone a lot heavier with the battle damage, or with the plantlife, but ultimately wanted them to look a little more whole.

In any case, in the future I intend to make several pieces of scatter terrain to add to the feel of the ruined and abandoned city - piles of scattered rubble, more abandoned vehicles, and perhaps some trees.
Resistance forces move through the ruins
The devastation has been overtaken by Mother Nature long ago
The first piece finished was a truly smashed building, detailed with girders, pipes and rubble, as well as a crashed Typhoon Attack Helicopter! 
I was tempted to paint it as a "fresh" crash, but decided to go for an older wreck instead
The second building is the wedge-shaped Residential Block, with the upper floors ruined
Plant life has overwhelmed the ruined upper levels
As with the smaller building, plasticard and rubble was added to the bottom floor - the rubble does not magically disappear after all! 
Mehmed Siege Tanks patrol the area
In addition, I have painted three Thunder Wagons for an upcoming tournament. A pair of practise games have seen them perform very nicely, so I look forward to their first appearance fully painted!
The final stage of the terrain project will be the elevated road system, which I hope will be fairly quick, and the additional scatter terrain. Not long to go!

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