Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fun At The Fair

After short holiday, I have returned to the painting table at full speed in an effort to get this board finished before Dropfleet Commander arrives. This week I have painted two large additions - a Residential Block and the Ferris Wheel, and several smaller pieces of scatter terrain - Bus Shelters and Subway Entrances. Let's take a closer look!
The city as it currently stands - minus the Defence Laser of course
Five buildings, lots of smaller pieces and the Ferris Wheel bring some life to the streets, but I am still some way from finishing the table
The incredible Ferris Wheel from Blotz Terrain is something I just had to pick up
This is not a fun piece of kit, and took a long time to put together. Painting was hardly relaxing either! Nonetheless I am happy with the result, and especially like the effect of the smothering plantlife wrapped around the rusted supports
This piece is crucially over six inches tall, enabling flying units to hide behind it!
A small cabin also comes with this set
The second major addition was the Residential Block, which I constructed with an extra floor. Unfortunately this does not bring it over six inches in height, so it will have to work as a Medium building
The individual terraces were annoying to assemble! I added an advertising board from Blotz and air ducts from Hawk Wargames to add detail to the roof
I am quite happy with the plant growth on this corner of the building, but did not want to overwhelm the finished piece
A rear view of the Residential Block
Three Bus Shelters and four Subway Entrances work as scatter terrain
Buses always travel in pairs!
Here we see the scatter terrain in action - not dominating the table or restricting landing zones too much, but making the city feel more realistic
The collection so far! I currently have three more buildings on order, which should bulk out the collection nicely
The big upcoming projects will be an elevated road system, some more exotic buildings like a hotel, and a multi-storey car park, filled with abandoned civilian cars
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  1. That's a seriously good looking selection of terrain!

    So I hope you don't mind if I ask you a few questions...

    Firstly, are they on a matt (if so, what kind / by who?) or the Hawk card sheets?

    Secondly, how did you paint your buildings? Do you spray them with cans? An airbrush? Or by hand? What colours do you use?

    And thirdly, how do you do the really good plants growing over them? What products or materials are you using and how do you apply them?

    Lovely work! (Oh, also that laser is fantastic too.)

  2. This mat is the FAT Mat, though i do intend to pick up a Deep Cut Studio one as this one is not perfect for Objective scenarios due to road placement. Lovely quality otherwise!

    I paint my buildings by spraying them black, then dark green, and then painting by hand with a big brush. An airbrush would probably work better but I don't have one. Colours are mainly Vallejo Model Colour, brilliant coverage.

    The plants are a mixture of tufts, flocks and bushes, mainly sourced from Model Railway shops. The trick is the mixture! Varnish is also very, very important.

    1. Thanks. Do you mean the tufts come pre-made? And the bushes? Are they just clumps of flock or lichen? Or are they sold as bushes?

      By mixture, do you mean the way you stick the above products onto the building, or do you create a mixture to apply by sticking different products into a single pot before applying?

      And the varnish - what do you do with that? Spray the entire model when finished? Or is there more to it than that? (And why is it very, very important? Do you need it to hold foliage in place?)

      Thanks for coming back with answers so quickly!

  3. The bushes and clump foliage comes in a bag you break up and stick on. Tufts come on a sheet, I'd really recommend checking out your closest model railway store!

    The mixture is not so much a mixture as stages, first tufts, then flock, then clump foliage in small amounts.

    Varnish is to keep it all together! The entire model.