Monday, 22 August 2016

Long-Term Residents


A couple more pieces for the burgeoning city - a very important flat Residential Block that clears dominates the skyline at over 6" in height, and a large L-shaped Residential Block that will take up a good area of the battlefield. These pieces were painted in the standard neutral tones to match the rest of the collection, and then covered in moss and tufts. As with the grand majority of my buildings, they were purchased from Blotz Terrain, a fantastic source of affordable and well-detailed 10mm terrain.

Both of these pieces were painted in the same day, while listening to the Hardcore History podcast "King of Kings." Fascinating and pleasant listening, until I realised I had been painting non-stop for an entire afternoon and evening! Not great for the health I am sure, but an enjoyable way to spend a rainy day.
The latest construction work
Overwhelmed by wildlife, these two buildings add more colour to the ruined city
The L-shaped buildings has a huge surface area, and took a long time to finish
Covering every surface in clumps of foliage was tedious, but gives a great result
The flat building offers more colour

The roof is dominated by vents, air ducts and a rusted billboard
Add height and depth, these two will be fine additions to the collection
The city so far! So much done,but so much more yet to do!
Next up, a multi-storey Car Park and some damaged buildings...

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  1. Once again, these look fantastic!

    I'd love to have a game on this board!