Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dystopian World Kickstarter

Well, it is here! Spartan Games have launched their Kickstarter to expand the Dystopian World and bring a huge host of new models to the game, as well as terrain, background and an update to their ruleset. 

The core of this Kickstarter is the release of Edition 2.5, with a new Starter Set - Operation: Ice Maiden. Luckily for me, this concerns two of my favourite fleets, the Prussian Empire and Russian Coalition! Below are some of the new models in the upcoming box set, and some extras that can be bought as Pledge Levels or added as Bolt-Ons. 

This is a big project with some lofty Stretch Goals - some of which are very tempting indeed. Nevertheless, I don't think it will be an outrageous success in the vein of Dropfleet Commander or Alien versus Predator. A modest source of funding for some new models and new rules will be good for the game and the company, and I hope and believe it will not grow out of control! 

The cracking Operation: Ice Maiden Starter Set

Adding some more cash to the Pledge gets you these two brilliant models - the immense Ice Maiden and the Murmansk Repair Vessel, a veritable floating fortress modelled repairing a Russian Cruiser

Also included are the Prussian Gutav-class Bombard Monitor - I love the train used to drag the immense main gun into place

A squadron of Brandtaucher-class Submarines bring lightning and mines to the Prussian fleet from beneath the waves

Lahn-class Destroyers are the smallest vessel currently armed with the deadly Speerschleuder

For the Russian fleet, the mighty Magadan-class Submarine emerges - it looks like an Orca to me, not a bad thing!

Onega-class Light Cruisers bring weight of numbers to the Russian fleet - I particularly like the star on the prow

Pledging to the Kickstarter also gets you some new vessels for the mercenary League of Crimson - rogues and pirates from a variety of rich backgrounds who wage war for sport. Interesting vessels, I'm not wholly sold on them but love the idea behind the faction

The immense Sea Fortress appears as part of the terrain included in the set

I love this design and am already looking forward to painting it!

The set also includes icebergs - the beginning of serious expansion to the terrain made for Dystopian Wars

There are many fine promises and a whole lot of potential in this Kickstarter, and if they follow through on their ideas this should be an excellent (needed) breath of life for Dystopian Wars,

I remain cautiously optimistic!

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