Thursday, 3 November 2016

Entering Atmosphere


Waiting for my Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter and getting bored enough to buy some from retail is bad enough, but what happens when I've painted those models? Time to bash out some Corvettes! Some of the kit-bashed conversions shown on Facebook have been really impressive, and I could not resist copying not one, but two different designs. Big thanks to Dave Fishpool for the inspiration for the arrow-like ships and Skaltar Thorne for the bulkier design. Really great work! 

Both were easy to construct and a joy to paint - I've really enjoyed painting everything for Dropfleet so far and that's why I'm eager to crack on with expanding the fleet!

Accompanying a pair of New Orleans-class Strike Carriers, these interdiction and pursuit ships have been repurposed to face the alien enemy, their speed enabling them to intercept Scourge landers attacking the Colonies

Bulky converted freighters offer planetary defence and in-system escort duty for the stretched UCMA
The Moscow-class Heavy Cruiser is escorted into orbit
The Toulon-class Frigate shares many characteristcs and design cues with these smaller vessels
The fleet is mobilised and prepares to begin the true counter-attack
Reinforcements en-route - a San Francisco-class Troopship and one of the fabled Atlantis-class Battlecruisers

These re-purposed vessels will do their part in the defence of the United Colonies of Mankind

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