Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Heavy Duty


Some serious painting over the last week has seen several more vessels completed for the United Colonies of Mankind - all useful in different ways, and as usual all fun to paint. I think I'm getting the hang of painting capital ships for the UCM now, and can bash them out fairly quickly. Good thing too, as I am planning to paint a further seven at least!
The San Francisco-class Troopship is escorted by the Atlantis-class and Avalon-class Battlecruisers

The two Battlecruisers bring serious firepower to the fleet, while the Troopship is mainstay of the UCM invasion force

The Atlantis-class Battlecruiser

Bristling with mass drivers and housing a launch bay in the wings, the Atlantis contributes a lot to the fleet

The imposing Battlecruiser brings its batteries to bear

The Avalon-class Battlecruiser

The impressive laser armament should cause concern for any enemy Admiral

Four mass drivers compliment the immense laser

Unlike the Moscow-class Heavy Cruiser, which was converted with wings to increase the bulk of the vessel, I kept the two Battlecruisers as sleek predators

The San Francisco-class Troopship

I will be painting a second of these soon, as two seems to be a good idea for domination of the planets below!

The third Corvette stand-in has also been completed

The capital ships gathered together - next up a second Seattle-class Fleet Carrier
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  1. How do you paint these UCM ships? They look too high-quality to be something that can be bashed out quickly.