Saturday, 12 November 2016

Reaching Capacity


One of the first things that struck me about list building in Dropzone Commander was how many of your points had to be assigned into certain areas/roles. There is no set script to follow, but unwritten rules on how many units of infantry you should run, how much anti-air, how much building demo...

Building a fleet in Dropfleet Commander may not be the same at this stage, but some of these unwritten recommendations have begun to appear, especially from the tactical articles over on the HotLZ blog. Things like how many Troopships and Strike Carriers, how many Carriers or Aegis Frigates.

In these early days this is fantastic advice, and having painted a few different UCM ship variants, I decided it was time to follow the advice and round out the fleet with some more Troopships and Fleet Carriers. Perhaps not the most exciting choices, but I reasoned that like painting infantry for Dropzone, some things just need to be done and dealt with. Luckily I still enjoy painting these ships a great deal, and it was no a chore at all!

I also painted a handful of my Launch Assets to run alongside the Carriers and the Atlantis-class Battlecruiser. These were a lot of fun and I am looking forward to picking up some more. I did not paint them in a generic scheme as I am happy to invest in more for future fleets.
New vessels join up with the massing UCM fleet

The New Orleans-class Strike Carrier - the third such vessel to join the fleet

A pair of Seattle-class Fleet Carriers

These vessels will bring vital ordnance to the fleet, as well as packing serious firepower with their mass driver turrets

The Carriers deploy their fighter screen

The San Francisco-class Troopships

A pair of these vessels carries enough troops to subdue an enemy city quickly

New Orleans-class Strike Carriers and the San Francisco-class Troopship prepare to drop their charges upon the enemy world

The Atlantis-class Battlecruiser deploys a squadron of bombers

The capital ships gather

Next on the painting table, I think I will have to concentrate on more Frigate-sized vessels, especially the fourth Strike Carrier and a number of Jakarta-class Escorts. After that, some more interesting and new classes and maybe even a Battleship!

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