Wednesday, 25 January 2017



I've been building up to painting Achilles for some time, but have been putting it off for two reasons 1) My painting skills were not worthy 2) He doesn't fit nicely into the Steel Phalanx.

On the first note, I've been working on the airbrushing highlights like how Angel Giraldez/Tom Schadle do it.  I've been finding it a very difficult technique to pull off, as even the slightest mistake looks really bad.  More practice and way more patience seemed to be the requirement.

Once again varnishing issues have bitten me; my satin varnish, despite much shaking, came out all grainy and really quite matt.  There are a few white flecks around which are due to the varnish (not my shaky hands), which is unbelievably irritating. In some places the varnish has dried like crackle medium... sigh varnish.

It's a shame Achilles can't actually lead the Myrmidons in Steel Phalanx due to a lack of the Enomotarchos skill.  I think the link/s will be mostly full of specialists to do important objective grabbing stuff whilst Achilles runs off and gets himself all shot up.  To be honest I think I need a bit of Achilles in my Infinity life, I'm not very good at thinking tactically so his ability to take some wounds and dodge and basically make up for my bad decision making will be most welcome.

Thanks for reading and if you have any good varnish tips, please let me know.


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