Sunday, 8 January 2017

Silent Running

Painting continues apace for Dropfleet Commander, as a pair of New Cairo-class Light Cruisers are finished and ready for battle! These two vessels were painted over a few evenings, in the usual style as the rest of the fleet. I decided to give them the same white panels so they would identify as a squadron and also be easy to spot among the rest of the capital vessels.

I like the models a lot, but one thing that has always concerned me about the Light Cruisers is how close there size and design matches the heavier Cruisers. Really the only difference is the length of their "wings" and the lack of secondary turrets. 

Nevertheless, I am pleased with the models and look forward to painting a third for a full strength squadron! 
Armed with Burnthrough Lasers, the New Cairo-class Light Cruisers will cause havoc if they can ambush an enemy capital ship

I constructed the Light Cruisers with less vanes along the keel, giving them a smaller silhouette

Alongside the Berlin-class Cruiser and St. Petersburg-class Heavy Cruiser, we see the differences in tonnage
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