Saturday, 14 January 2017

More Antenociti's Cars


Further to my last post in endeavouring to actually finish some projects I decided to crack on with some of the cars from Antenociti's Workshop that have been sat on the shelf for months.  With these three painted my collection of vehicles for Infinity is done! (for now)

First up were these Bulaboks.  I'm quite pleased with how these came out, the highlights go further than my previous attempts and the more subtle colouration (Immediate Blue and Grey Green) I think works better than the bold colours.  I also used two varnishes, satin for the body and gloss for the windows.

Then there's this bad boy, if you've read Snow Crash, then you'll understand what I mean by I was thinking of Hiro's Deliverator when as I painted this.  Perfect for fresh hot pizza.

Unfortunately I had a nightmare with varnish and covered the thing in what looked like frost.  I had read somewhere that baby oil was a fix for this and I applied a layer with a wide flat brush.  Seemed to do the trick, but I had a very glossy looking car, I was a bit hasty in trying to then reapply varnish and some paint work got damaged, which is really frustrating.  I'm going to look into some alternative varnishes.

One project down, several to go.

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