Sunday, 19 February 2017

Assembling The Warband

Following the completion of the first warriors I moved on to painting some different classes to bulk out the warband. I knew I wanted to start the campaign with a pair of Archers, at least one Warhound and a Barbarian, with Thugs making up the rest of the force under the Wizard and Apprentice.

I eschewed the more interesting classes like Thief or Tracker due to the restrictions of the models in my collection... something that will change soon as I order a few more miniatures.

I had painted a fourth Thug, but have no pictures of this model as it was damaged after falling off the gaming table and I have been forced to strip and repaint it - fixing the damage was rather extensive...
First up is the Barbarian, using another Drune model from Confrontation. This model is big! Over a head taller than the other warriors, he stands out as something special
I love the ornate filigree across the model, and am really happy with how he turned out
Two Warhounds, based off the Corrupted Hounds from Malifaux
Great models considering they're made from plastic, I think I will build and paint up the other two soon - though I doubt I will ever run four in a warband!
This Warhound is loping forward slowly, jaws dripping with the blood of some unfortunate
This creature is running forward at full speed - I love the dynamism Malifaux models can pull off sometimes
This model will be the Wizard for the warband, a wasted figure who had dedicated his life to the fell magic
This model is from the Dark Age range - a Bone Doctor for the Skarrd faction
My first Archer. One of the strangest details is the pair of severed arms holding the paired daggers at the waist - a rather morbid curio for a already macabre model
Three Thugs, as seen in a previous post
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  1. Absolutely beautiful colour palette and execution (no pun intended :D)

    Well done mate. Give us more! :D

  2. Agree with the comment : the colour palette is really good, and your painting is very nice on those minis.
    And I want more too ! ^^

  3. This is one of the most intimidating looking Frostgrave warbands I have seen!

  4. That is nice, bet it would be a lot of fun to play against. :)