Monday, 27 February 2017

The Boogeyman

Frostgrave has an incredibly exploitable, open-world feel sometimes - the huge, abandoned city is rife with rival warbands, monsters, daemons and indeterminate creatures. The game actively encourages wandering creatures to enter the game and cause chaos, ranging from lowly rats and rogue zombies to ice trolls and entire gangs of Gnolls! 

This was the inspiration behind digging out this pair of models - old characters from my Dungeons and Dragons days. The original painting was probably over ten years ago! A touch-up and some swift re-basing and they are ready to terrorise the warbands in the Frozen City! 

The first, hugely characterful model is The Boogeyman from Rackham, which would make for a great Undead character or perhaps a daemon of some form

I followed the original scheme with a rich blue, contrasted with the pale skin, bone ornaments and the red seeping from the blade
This Equanimous Warrior was once used as an Elven mage, and could now work as a Genie or summoned daemon
I painted this model with thin layers, aiming for an almost translucent result. I am largely pleased with the final outcome, though the quality of the sculpt does it a lot of favours! 
This nefarious pair no doubt have their own plans in Felstad!

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