Friday, 24 February 2017

The Bear And The Maiden Fair

Last week I showed off some of the models I've been feverishly painting for the ongoing Frostgrave campaign... well here are some more! 

The fourth Thug - originally painted at the same time as the original four, he suffered a terrible fall and was so badly damaged I had to repaint him! 
This is one of the Drune Persecutors from the Rackham Confrontation line
The four together - I love the pose of the fourth model but he is difficult to fit in with his wide pose
The second Barbarian
This model is made from a Red Karnagh, again from Confrontation
The pair of Barbarians together
Having chosen Reveal Secret as one of my spells, I needed my own treasure token! 
This piece is taken from a Games Workshop basing set
The Apprentice
This model is taken from a Drune Command Group, again from Confrontation
The wasted form of the Necromancer and his slave-girl Apprentice
A beguiling form belies her aggressive necromancy
The Beast - my Bear! 
This hideous creature is the Hound of Scatach from Confrontation
Having found a Grimoire of Animal Companion, I knew I needed to paint this model up quickly!
The skull of a mysterious creature adorns the base, again from a Games Workshop basing kit
The details on this creature are horrifying - why does it have bodyparts adorning it? 
I added flashes of turquoise to match with the rest of the warband, to give a hint of some magic involved in its creation. This also helps the look of the model, as leaving it grey looked dull
The Soul-Thief and his corpse-servant
The wildmen of the northern wastes, hideous monsters, risen corpses and axe-wielding berserkers, ashen-skinned and clad in ancient armour 

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