Saturday, 24 May 2014

Terrain Extravaganza - Part Four

Today we take a look at some new terrain... desert islands!

Made in the same manner as the icebergs made for the Arctic (and Antarctic!) ocean boards, these pieces of styrofoam are mounted on MDF, sanded and painted in a desert style, with tufts to represent some small amount of greenery. Originally intended for use as hills on a desert board, I find they fit in as a Mediterranean or North African desert island nicely. They may even find their way into the Pacific, though I do have intentions to have more jungle-themed terrain for that particular ocean.

The islands are joined by five rocky outcrops, which can act as smaller scatter terrain to make the board a little more interesting. When combined with some oil rigs, jetties and other naval terrain, the set should fit in well. 


The League of Italian States patrol their North African territories jealously. 


The addition of some wooden jetties from the Uncharted Seas terrain range, as well as cargo and huts from the Dystopian Wars terrain range makes for a simple smuggler's outpost - a good feature for a scenario as an Objective. 

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  1. I love the look of these islands, particularly the arctic ones you produced for your Greenland campaign.

    Any chance of a slightly more detailed post on how you went about making them?

  2. Wow I never thought of using these hills as desert islands, great idea. I guess the trees that I originally attached were not quite to scale😀 . If your viewers are still interested in these hills I still sell them on my eBay page or at