Saturday, 24 May 2014

Unboxing Dystopian Wars - Second Edition


Well, it's arrived early. Time for quick glance before I have to go back to work 

The Commodore Edition is mighty tome
In-depth rules with a solid index and reference section follow a large background section
The fleet-lists for the seven Core Nations include some nice background information for some of the ships, and great renders
The diagrams are exhaustive
I've only managed a cursory look through the book but am glad to see everything is clearly explained and referenced, along with some nice pictures! The rules for different crew types caught my eye first, and let's just say my Prussians are very, very happy at the moment.

The box
The box comes with a lot of stuff for it's size

The all-important SAW movement tray
The secret Wani base, shown here without the support struts that hold up the roof
Honshu-class Cruisers with their drop-on options
SAWs and Node Generator tokens
The Kaiju-class Heavy Battleship and the Liberty-class Heavy Battleship
Uwatsu-class Frigates and Fujin-class Corvettes
The Wani Terror Ship and the clear resin version - great detail in both forms
The Federated States Revere-class Corvettes and the Augusta-class Frigates
The Boston-class Submarine - travelling stormy seas by the look of it

The Turtles and SAWs
The Georgetown-class Cruisers are big!
Top down on the Cruisers
New turrets for the FSA vessels - resin with a metal gun barrel. Should be more robust and resistant to chipping
Casting quality is up to the usual Spartan Games standard, which is great. The box set contains a LOT of stuff, and I look forward to getting better pictures when I have started building and painting it. Unfortunately, there is one last project in the way before I can crack on with them - wish me luck in getting it finished!

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  1. The new FSA models do look beautiful. I'm excited about the resin turrets which will make it much easier to magnetize, but I have to think that you won't really be able to play without them attached in some manner because the metal barrel will unbalance the turret.

    By the way, could you post some pictures with the new models next to their older counterparts so we can see the difference in detail and size on these new heavier vessels?