Saturday, 10 May 2014

Terrain Extravaganza - Part Two

In the second instalment of Terrain Month we take a look at the Gun Platforms...

Gun Platforms act as more than just terrain in Dystopian Wars - many of the fleets can take Gun Towers and other military installations as part of their list as Fortifications, and Spartan has an entire range of different Bunker Complexes and Towers for each of the different Core Nations. This is the Prussian one, for example, with parts to model the Tower as a Communications, Flak, Shield Tower or Tesla Tower.

This high Platforms was converted from four pieces of terrain from the Industrial Complex set, three spare Prussian Hussar-class Gunship turrets, spare rockets from the Chinese Jian-class Battleship, plasticard and the struts from a model railway crossing
The two Platforms here are not the same size as those Towers, and would probably not be appropriate for use as such. In the majority of games I play, they feature as silent terrain pieces, there for looks rather than an active participants in the game. The large Military Installation is particularly good as it sits low but is quite large, dominating the centre of a gaming table. The high Platform seen above is useful for sitting close to my Oil Rigs and Derricks, matching them in height.

The cranes that normally feature on this model have been replaced with spare Russian gun turrets to add even more weapons to the Platform. The cranes were also needed for my Merchant Navy conversions
Painting was similar to that of the Oil Rigs and Derricks discussed in the previous post, with lots of washes, metallics and orange/brown paint. The guns were painted clean, however, to show that the crews maintained their weapons even if they didn't care much for the superstructure. 
The Military Installation set is a great addition for your gaming board, and is still available from Studio Sparta at a special price
The resin drop-ons featured as part of the Military Installation set have been used across my various Derricks and Platforms - a singularly useful set! The vac-formed islands that come with this set are currently in the process of being painted up and covered with foliage for a jungle-themed Pacific island chain, ready for 2.0 and the next campaign.

Ready to defend their National Waters, the Gun Platforms stand high above the water
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