Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What's On The Painting Table?

Starting to panic at the number of unfinished projects I have to get through before Dystopian Wars 2.0 arrives, we take a look at what Work In Progress was sitting on the painting table this week...

Back in early April, the Greenland Campaign had seen the Prussian Empire lose their precious Dreadnought Sachsen to the Black Wolf Mercenaries, an event I did not think they would take lightly. I plotted a follow-up game around the Prussians recapturing the Dreadnought, and had originally intended to pick up a special model to convert into the objective for the game. 

Unfortunately, the delivery of the model was delayed by several weeks and it did not arrive in time for the battle itself, which is detailed here. Disheartened, I had placed the Dreadnought in my big pile of "Projects for the Future" when it did arrive and almost forgot about it... until some cleaning in my garden shed revealed a Dremel Multi-tool! 

I had not used the Dremel for many years, and not tried it on a Spartan resin model yet. The Greenland Campaign was drawing to a close, with the Federated States of America making their final assault on the Prussian port of Holsteinsborg this weekend. With that in mind, it was time to model up something special to sit in the centre of the Prussian deployment - the Sachsen, recaptured but not yet rebuilt and refitted, battered and broken by the Devastating Ordnance of the Black Company. 

One afternoon of drilling, sanding, battering and experimenting with the Dremel made for a Dreadnought that had seen some better days
Ultimately the Dreadnought still floats, but is a burned out hulk at this point
The initial stages of painting was basic blocking of colour - grey, brown, silver and brass or gold. This will be followed with the wash across the entire model and then the highlights will follow
The battle damage will be done last, so the model looks like it was, at one point, pristine and battle-ready. Don't let the grey fool you - this will look like a wreck by the end of the process!
Now featuring the black wash - still wet

This will be the fourth Blucher-class Dreadnought hull I have painted... and more to come with the Elbe-class Fleet Carrier! 
Following a three hour session, the hulk is completed! Ready for gaming later tonight...

The wreck has obviously been left for some time to rust and rot. I wanted it to look old, and made sure the surfaces were washed with diluted to enhance this effect

This is a fun little project and will add a ruined hulk to my terrain collection - not useful for every game, but potentially a good objective in certain missions, and something to add some flavour to my Prussian fleet, especially in the coming Campaign Finale.

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  1. This looks stellar! I'm anxious to see it in your next battle report! Good job on the weathering!

  2. kudos to you!! Not everyone ist willing to pay good money for a model of this caliber and then "destroy" it. IMO it looks even better than an undamaged version. :). Funny and exciting! Love the idea and great painting!