Thursday, 8 October 2015

Donner Squadron


After many weeks away from painting for Dystopian Wars, I was recently inspired to paint up one of my Adler-class Heavy Bombers, one of the latest releases for the Prussian Empire and a powerful Aerial threat. Huge in size and carrying some impressive firepower, the Heavy Bomber should be a big threat to Medium vessels, yet strong enough to resist return fire for a surprising amount of time.

Painting wise I followed the same scheme as my Zerstorer-class Strike Bombers and tiny flyer tokens - green, with yellow tails to signify them as bombers. The various gun nests, Prussian crosses and windows were picked out as well as they could be, while the Speerschleuder bombs were painted in as Sturginium-encrusted brass to match all of my Tesla-weaponry.

I am largely happy with the result, but it feels rougher than my usual work - mainly because it was painted at a very difficult and busy time for me, with Work and Real Life overtaking almost all of my hobby time. Not relaxing! Hopefully in the future I will be able to paint some more models for Dystopian Wars in a calmer atmosphere.

A powerful Heavy Speerschleuder, Fore Tesla Coil and two Speerschleuder Bomb Bays make the Adler a nasty piece of work at close range, easily able to cause damage to Medium vessels, and with luck cause a Critical hit on the less resilient Large vessels.

Rugged Construction (2), 6HP, DR5 and CR7 put it in the top tier of Medium vessels defensively, while the Specialised Defences (2) will also help a lot with enemy boarding actions. Although it does not have a great complement of troops (AP5 with Defensive) it does have a solid AA6 to resist boarders and enemy Fighter Planes.

All of these advantages can be multiplied when fielded alongside three Zerstorer-class Strike Bombers, whose AA and crew will assist the Heavy Bomber. The Speerschleuder Bomb Bays can Link to make a brutal attack with 18 dice - combined with Hunter (Surface) and a Speerschleuder harpoon, you could easily cause critical damage to a Dreadnought!

It might be overkill to send everything into the same target, and I might recommend a series of smaller bombing runs - though they would still be totalling significant numbers! This is a big investment - totalling 170pts, but I think it is a good-looking formation with a lot of potential.

I love the idea of the Donner Squadron, and it looks really impressive when put down on the field. They will be making an appearance in a future Battle Report, and I look forward to seeing them cause havoc!

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