Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Republic Strikes Back

(Editor's note - another contribution from Adam. His speed is getting ridiculous now, and he tells me he has only a couple more models to paint before the force is finished! Unbelievable... no army is ever finished...)

Hi everyone, and welcome! 

I thought I'd bring you another update on my ever-expanding PHR force. I've played quite a few games now (biggest 1,250) and I'm enjoying the PHR playstyle a lot. They have some great durable static units, but having fast-moving attack units like the Type 3's or skimmers really add some teeth to the hard underbelly of the force. About the only things I wish they had were some more mobile Flame weapons (looking at you Angelos A2) and some decent template weapons to stop my opponent clumping up! 

Anyway, onto the models...

Apollo - this is hands down my favourite unit. Not only the design of it, but also the rules and the playstyle, it all just works. I love having this fast-moving walker - the flight mode gives it exceptional mobility, it is great at harassing my opponents flanks and isolated units, I find the E10 weapon also gives it proper teeth. I do notice the lack of E11 compared to others when fighting UCM, but otherwise it's been more than enough. I'm thinking of getting Caine and another blister of Apollo's for a really fast and mobile army. The paint job itself was much as before, but the real issue with assembling these guys was with the jump jets onto the main body. There were huge gaps which required a large amount of green stuff, and in doing so I lost a bit of detail. 

Janus - another fast walker, I like this model a lot, and with S7 AA Shaped Charge they can put out a little bit of offensive firepower. The downside to me is that for offensive firepower they don't put out enough, and for pure scouting, other units do it better. I keep trying to fit these guys into lists at large points (at smaller points the balance of AA and scout works well) but other options just eclipse them. 

Enyo - oh baby! These chaps are Demolition specialists. I've used them in one game only, and with help of a few shots from my Apollos they just levelled the city we were playing in, building after building fell to these chaps. I like the Type-2 chassis, and the model assembled really well, where the weapon mounts meet the chassis was spectacularly well done with no green stuff needed. The downside on the painting was trying to paint the ammo belt and gun barrel. I did them the same as the Angelos for consistency, but in retrospect, a grey ammo belt and blue inside the camo on the barrel would have worked better.

Medusa + Triton X - I love the rules and how she works in the game, I hate the miniature! The rules are beastly, E+3 is fantastic, 10 shots initially and Focus 2 just provide an absolute devastating attack unit, paired up with the Triton X ability to heal her and it just gets better. In my last game against George she was well worth her weight, with great shooting and helping some Immortals in CQB due to her nanomachine cloud. The nanomachine swarm she is modelled "riding" (in my opinion)
 make her look rubbish - the female sculpt in lovely, but the pile of nanomachines just isn't what I imagined. Painting them wasn't fun too, as I picked out the centre of each one in various blue/grey shades. I am really conflicted as I can see the value of having a second one, but I think I need an alternate model for that.

A collection of army shots

Anyway up next will be my two Type 4's!

Until then, Coxer out

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