Wednesday, 2 March 2016

March Additions


This week I have finished a couple of additions for the Kingdom of Denmark and the Russian Coalition
Sitting in the box unpainted since the Surface Assault Group was released for the Kingdom of Denmark, this squadron of Magni-class Assault Airships has finally been completed
Fairly unassuming on their own, a full squadron is fast, capable of dropping Mines and also packs a horde of Danish boarding marines
This addition to the fleet should make them a potent boarding threat, and give them even more power at close quarters
The Magni-class Assault Airships sit nicely with the Fafnir-class Light Sky Fortress
The Danish armada sets sail!
The Russian Coalition have received a new Azov-class Battle Cruiser, converted with a different top piece in place of the funnels and smoke stacks
This conversion was based on a parts-swap first seen on Admiral-General Louis' painting log on the Spartan forums. Great idea, I hope you don't mind me taking the inspiration!
The drop-on from the Belgorod-class Landship was painted as weathered brass, matching the rest of the fleet but with a stronger green verdigris effect
This marks out the third Azov-class Battle Cruiser, and gives something new to the fleet
In the game, this model can be the lead vessel of Rogatina Squadron, a Specialist Squadron that includes three Veliky-class Escorts
Magni-class Assault Airships escort a small carrier group
The Magni-class Assault Airships face the Rogatina Squadron
Some BIG projects on the way! In the mean time, I hope this small updates tides you over.

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  1. Pretty nice as usual.
    The skated dome brings some nice color to that (3rd !) Azov.