Friday, 10 June 2016

Boots On The Ground

So I'm back with an update - this time on some infantry for my PHR. The releases last year really helped shift the role of infantry; I found initially all infantry did was search, score and try not to die. I think my experiences of using Valkyries really shifted that - mobile, anti-infantry and almost able to operate without a transport.

The big one for PHR is the Medusa (my second one pictured here) I'm still not loving the model, but you can't deny its effectiveness! Despite all its upsides I've been using it less, as more and more people remember it has no active counter measures so just blast away at it from the other side of the board. These ladies die to weight of numbers!

The other new infantry unit was the Long Reach Rifle Team. Now 10 Rc 24, E7 SC shots is pretty good, it's almost guaranteed that you remove a DP a base, and other infantry manning the walls are easy prey (Coxer's top tactic. Deploy bait target near building, with Erebos in range. Unit comes to the wall e.g Braves/Hazard suits etc. Then long reach shoot them in their faces!) also with Rf infinite, they can do some solid building demo too. I do miss the SA7 and extra dice in CQB though.

Talking of CQB finally got myself some Sirens. Wow, do they kick arse in CQB! I can see why other PHR players were surprised I didn't take them - I'm more a flame fan personally. They are good, but I think I'll normally go for a second set of Valkyries as I think the mobility is too good to pass up!

Anyway that ms the infantry, I'll post again soon about my list and experiences at Call to Arms II.


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