Thursday, 16 June 2016

Spiky Bits

Two new projects hit the painting table this week - something special for the Resistance in Dropzone Commander, and a new system - Alien versus Predator! Finally, after over three years, I have received some of my Kickstarter pledge and now have a big pile of resin ready to be built and painted. I'm very excited for this - it was about time I returned to 28mm scale, and in lieu of starting a new Infinity force or getting back into Batman, these models will offer a great distraction.

The models are stunning, but some of the tiny wristblades were bent/broken, and rather than contact the company and wait another three years, I thought I would simply replace them with plastic blades from the Dark Eldar range. Much hardier, and less likely to warp! I think they look great, and would hardly notice a difference without close inspection.
First up is one of the Predator Youngbloods
The base is from Dragon Forge Design, one of my favourite resin base producers - always crisp and with a good number of different designs
The colours of the Youngblood were taken from the movies and other media - burnished silvers and natural tones
The final scheme looked a little plain to me, and with the relatively low-key colours of the basing as well, I felt it needed something to "pop"
This is why the model has been painted as bleeding - Predator blood offers a brilliant bright green to add something to the colour scheme. I also figured that, as a Youngblood he was not a good enough hunter yet and could have easily been wounded in battle
The first Predator prepares for his greatest Hunt yet - Longclaw hopes to win much renown against the fearsome Xenomorphs and the unpredictable Human prey, but his instincts are reckless
Dragging out some of my old Dark Eldar sprues also gave me the impetus to convert up my latest model for Dropzone Commander - the Aegean Dropship. Normally a model for PHR, I resisted the urge to collect a new force or turn it into scenery, and instead converted it into a looted Lifthawk! Cheers to the guys at Call to Arms II for giving me the idea! This spiky bastard will operate as a Lifthawk, and get itself a nice grey paintjob with lots of rust and battle-damage...
The Aegean Dropship
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