Saturday, 18 June 2016

King Crow

As discussed in a recent post, I picked up an Aegean Dropship from a Dropzone tournament a few weeks ago, and wanted to corrupt it for my Resistance force! The quick addition of some spikes and Resistance weaponry has quickly turned this lovely vessel to my cause. It was a real joy to paint, and I look forward to running it against Adam and his damned PHR soon...
The latest model to join the Resistance is the captured, looted and converted Aegean Dropship, now running as a makeshift Lifthawk 
Featuring bolted-on machine guns and a crown of spikes, the beautiful lines of the Dropship have been maintained while still looking like a piece of Resistance kit
Engines burn hot
Crudely welded spikes have already begun to rust
A nest of rockets add more firepower to the deadly Dropship
The Aegean matches the Lifthawks in size nicely
The grey scheme binds them together well
Only a renowned commander of the Resistance forces befits such a transport, known as King Crow
King Crow flies alongside another new addition, an infamous Resistance commander in his modified J-19 Hellhog, known as The Buzzard
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