Sunday, 5 June 2016

Infinity Terrain - Warsenal Buildings


I've had these buildings knocking around for ages and it's about time they were painted.  In typical me style I've procrastinated over how I'm going to paint them; what style do I want? How have others done it? etc. etc.

I now have four of the trapezoid-shaped buildings, one Alpha, two Double Alphas and a Beta.  The single Alpha is the first building I bought and I actually cracked on with some painting a long time ago.  It currently looks like this...

Like so much of my stuff I've never considered these finished and it was a awful lot of work getting them to this stage. I had to paint the grey first, then do the metallic sheen, then mask off to do the blue. Too much effort for terrain.

Once again I find myself in the position where I need to simplify what I'm doing in order that I actually get it done.

This time I'll start with the colour: here you can see the Beta Warsenal building, which I'm doing green.

Time to add the grey, which i'll do with a brush.  This takes a while and is flat, but I think it makes the whole piece easier to maintain and I really don't have the patience to mask the coloured bits off.

The grey could do with a second coat here and the orange need touching up where I was careless.

I've gone over the grey of the blue building in order that it matches the new ones.

I used Heavy Ochre and black grey to pick out some details.

 Now I decided to do something a bit funky and used Glacier Blue to paint the inside tracks on the side walls...I guess as futuristic street lighting or something like that.  If I'd known how long it would take though, I wouldn't have bothered.

The finishing touches I thought would take me about an hour... turns out I suck at estimating and the closer I get to completion the more I rush and the more I rush the more mistakes I make. This is a very common theme for me, hopefully I've learnt from the experience and I'll plan better for future terrain pieces.  Painting this much in one go I find is good because it makes a dent in the old un-painted list, but paint fatigue is a real battle.

So here we have them a trio of Warsenal buildings...just don't look inside!

I kept the plastic light vanilla as it looked like a right hassle to paint them
I discovered superglue and perspex is a no-no

Well they're certainly bright and colourful, I'd like to add more buildings to this collection and most certainly the hexagon paths.  Shame they're a tad hard to get in the UK.

(Editor's note - certainly a lot brighter and cleaner than my own battered and graffti-covered buildings, I look forward to fighting around them soon. Soon enough we'll have three fully painted tables I reckon, should be an impressive sight!)

Winner Dave

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