Sunday, 18 September 2016

Escape Plan


After finishing the massive Flyover road system, I decided to work on some scatter terrain for the Dropzone table - a selection of vehicles, rubble and, in this case, a massive UCM Shackleton Escape Pod!

The initial idea for the scenic base to go with the Escape Pod came when I was building the Flyover. In order to explain some of the wrecked sections of the elevated road, I wanted to model some rubble beneath, and what better explanation than an Escape Pod smashing through the road, driven off-course by enemy AA or broken guidance computer. The model itself needed a scenic base built up around it, as without one the model would look odd on the battlefield.

There was some debate about what direction to model the Escape Pod, and how to position it. In the end I decided that the "wings" or air flaps would be open, and the Pod would be on its side, smashed by impact with the Flyover. I modelled one of the flaps ripped off, as it made positioning the model easier and looked cool. 

I am pleased with the final result - the paintjob is crisp and the green pleasant without distracting too much from the main event - the players' armies. The green matches the generic UCM scheme well, and the few transfers I have used give it a military feel.
The Shackleton Escape Pod blocks the road nicely
Rubble from the road above forms the base around it
The passengers can escape from the rear hatch
One of the air flaps has torn off in the fall, and lies by the side of the pod
A selection of transfers add some detail to the pod
I wanted to keep the burns and damage on the pod to a minimum, lest it overwhelm the detail of the model
The engines were given blue glazes to simulate the extreme heat
Piled debris around the crash includes rusted girders and support struts
The bottom windows were painted with cracks
The objective lies in the centre of the ruined city
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