Friday, 30 September 2016

Prizes of the Reconquest

One of the main reasons I chose to collect the Resistance was their huge conversion potential. In no way would I be limited by the narrow scope and design of the four original Factions - a whole world of kitbashing, sawing and stealing awaited me! I wanted no two vehicles to look the same, and after the big push to make the army look unique for Autumn Invasion 2015, I started to realise the potential of using models from other sources - stolen, scavenged and repurposed.

The inspiration for these conversions came from a variety of sources - every post-apocalyptic movie I could find, for a start. Mad Max was the original and strongest influence as you can imagine. A treasure trove of pieces came from N-scale scenery available to Model Railway enthusiasts. Many of these pieces would find their way into the War Rig, while spikes from Games Workshop models adorned the Buzzards.

The biggest influence was Hawk themselves. The Resistance have always had a rich history in repurposing civilian vehicles and stealing Scourge weaponry for their Veterans and Thunderstorm hovercraft - I just took it a bit further. I started looking at the other Factions - specifically the UCM, but soon enough the PHR started appearing on my modelling table. I figured that the Resistance would be reacting and evolving fast as these new enemies (or allies) entered their territory.

The War Rig
The Buzzards pursue the War Rig through the city
Pursuit Vehicles and other boosted Technicals accompany the Rig
The mish-mash of Wagons and Technicals that make up a large proportion of the Resistance army
Hot-wired and spiked Wolverines join the ATV squadrons
The Peacemaker, an aggressive and unpredictable war machine based on the looted chassis of a UCM Katana, covered in bolted-on ablative armour and machine guns
The Longboat, another aggressive assault vehicle packed with troops and covered with spikes
Grill Dozer. This remote-controlled vehicle is driven into enemy-held buildings, where the flame weaponry can begin its work!
The Mule drags a tractor-mounted missile close to the battlefield, while the warrior on the back uses his machine gun for close-range defence. Spikes and rams give the monstrosity killing power even when the main armament has been fired
The Meat Grinder, greatest of the prizes. This looted and modified Broadsword Battle Tank now features additional weaponry - saws, spikes and a gun nest on the turret of the vehicle
The prizes of the Reconquest - rusted and bristling with home-made weaponry
King Crow, the looted Aegean Dropship armed with machine guns and missiles
Adapting to the changing face of the war, this Resistance Band has decided to take a shortcut and simply steal the weapons of the enemy
These conversions are merely scratching the surface for the potential of the Resistance - I already have more conversion ideas and hope to bring them to the painting table as soon as possible!

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  1. These look absolutely fantastic mate! Probably one of the best painted armies that I've seen yet for DZC. Keep 'em comin!!

  2. Absolutely amazing... love the use of Sabre's for this army and looted UCM gear makes total sense. Love to see what you could do with a UCM heavy tank platform... or for that matter using downed aircraft components for weapon systems/etc.