Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Scattered to the Wind


Having completed a huge selection of scatter terrain for the Dropzone Commander table, I thought it was time to have a closer look!
Civilian vehicles - untouched by the Occupation, I like to imagine these are the prized relics of some Resistance Warlord, and could even act as Objectives or Focal Points
A variety of nice bright colours make a break from the muted tones of the rest of the collection. The vehicles are stuck together in strips of three, and are intended to placed on the car park sections of the table
School bus with burnt out car hulls, overgrown with vegetation - this piece fits well with some of the more overgrown buildings
Two crashed civilian buses - I wanted something that would be put against a building to block a doorway, and a idea of a bus T-boning another appealed!
The vehicles are clean but not perfect; they are overgrown  with vegetation and small areas of rust
Continuing the idea of blocking the entrance points on a building, I constructed one of the container trucks with a large number of burnt out cars propped up next to it. The cab of the truck was rusted, but not completely orange like the cars
The second container truck, tipped over and covered in rubble. A civilian truck lurks nearby, perhaps checking for something to scavenge, but mainly to add some colour!
A fourth bus, once again a little overgrown and rusted
Simple piles of car hulks - after the initial four painted some months ago, I added three more. These new pieces were detailed with more vegetation, and their shade of orange is slightly different for some reason
The original four piles
The three new pieces - I prefer scatter terrain like this, with some bulk to it, as the lone cars tend to move around the board a lot, and seem insignificant to the point where they are useless. I think these larger pieces will offer actual obstacles
Rusted road signs can detail the single-lane roads
The road signs blend well with the other pieces of debris
Detailed in a previous post, bus stops and subway entrances also litter the ruined city. Now they have a bus or two to sit next to them!
The truck nicely blocks one side of the building
Some of the scatter terrain in action, adding detail to the buildings and roads without becoming a major obstacle
The ruined city! This is the first picture of the city as it stands (missing two buildings that are not visible in this picture, and of course the Orbital Defence Laser!). It is the culmination of over ten weeks work.; I am very pleased with how it looks. Nonetheless, I cannot help thinking it needs more! There is space for at least three more mid-sized buildings. I am also unsure of the bright colour on the central building, and the odd blue on the cinema down to the left

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  1. Your board looks stunning, and your scatter terrain is great ! That gives me some inspiration for my own table..

  2. Man, that looks amazing. would love to play a game on that!

    I do think your blue building sticks out too much. It's not the colour, it's the brightness - I think it's just a bit too much. But overall... wow!