Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Gecko Squadron

After a long hiatus from painting TAGs, the second Gecko joins the Jurisdictional Command Corregidor
Armed with two Combi-rifles, this Gecko is a cheap and cheerful close-range nightmare. This model has been subtly reposed, with the right arm down instead of up above his head - this gives the model more weight, in my mind. Of course, this meant the smaller control arm had to be reposed as well!
This Gecko is covered in the same warning symbols, campaign markers and team logos as the first, with a number two on the leg to mark it as the second TAG painted for the collection. As usual, weathering, dents and scratches adorn the armoured chassis
No airbrushes were involved in the painting of this miniature - the red is built up by adding red to a brown basecoat, making sure to keep lots of thin coats and avoid over-highlighting to keep the colours deep and dark
Turquoise and white work as the spot colours, along with orange of the dust around the bottom of the legs
The Gecko Squadron out in force!
Closer to Heavy Infantry than TAGs, the Gecko is a mainstay of the Corregidor spearhead, useful for bulldozing through defended positions and space station corridors where larger TAGs cannot fit
Leading the charge
I am very happy with how this paint job turned out, especially when the two are stood next to each other
The recurring sunburst/eclipse symbol marks them as members of the High Rollers
Next project, the mighty Iguana!

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  1. Really nice ones. Your paint is awesome. What colors did you use for you red ?
    Thoses models really look like Masamune Shirow's Apple Seed mechs. And that's great.

    I don't know much Infinity. It attract's me cause the models are fantastic. Still the price makes me choke every time. ^^