Friday, 5 December 2014

Overwhelming Numbers


As I waded through piles of Infinity terrain and models for the upcoming tournament, some time was spent on the Russian Coalition, who by this point must have felt like they were trapped in ice. Progress has been slow, as discussed in previous posts, but at least today I can report at least one full squadron is finished, and joins the fleet ready to sweep across the table and start some vicious Boarding actions!

The Kazimov-class Corvettes are cheap and cheerful, with a full squadron of five totalling only 100pts
Incredibly fast for Russian ships and packed with crew, the Corvettes can overwhelm small targets, or work in concert with the rest of the fleet to Prize enemy flagships and capital ships
The vessels have no guns, relying upon their speed and small stature to evade enemy firepower before delivering their vodka-fuelled Boarding parties
Brutally simple ships, I look forward to running them and using them as aggressively as possible
Next up for the Russians... rounding out the Destroyer and Cruiser squadrons to maximum strength, and then perhaps a second Battleship!

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  1. Painting as quickly as ever, though 'Russian' these hasn't affected the quality.