Friday, 19 December 2014

My First Commission


Last month I was asked to provide two tables of terrain for a coming Infinity tournament, and immediately got to work building and painting my rather large collection of pieces. A large number of these were still in their boxes (I occasionally go through periods of impulse buying terrain, especially when I've been playing a lot of Infinity), and the largest of these were put aside when construction was complete - I had something special in mind. 

My friend Winner Dave is a dab hand with an airbrush, as you may have seen from some of his previous posts. After seeing how quickly he finished a group of Warsenal shipping crates, I asked him to airbrush several buildings for me; not to finish them completely but give them a great looking basecoat I could work from. 

Real life got in the way for many weeks, but eventually I managed to get these pieces built, undercoated and delivered to Dave. He did this fine work for me at a tremendous speed, and I am more than happy with the results! I have not managed to finish them off with details and graffiti just yet (a project for the New Year and the next tournament, I reckon), but I think with this paint job they will be more than adequate for gaming, and look better than many of the terrain pieces I have played on in the past! I may have to requisition his services again in the future...

Gamma Building by Warsenal - Shop

Simple and elegant, the work Dave has done really brings out what would otherwise be a dull box
It feels a shame to paint anything over the sides of the building, and it may yet survive (almost) untouched
Dave has attempted a stone-effect for the interior, which I think works nicely
RIBD Street Bar by Warmill - Shop

The Street Bar from Warmill is one my all-time favourite pieces of terrain, and I am happy that Dave has given me something brilliant to work from
The glowing pink of the lights and sign is masterful, and really proves the value of the airbrush for OSL
The interior detail is staggering
As a hotel manager with a long history behind the bar, I intend to give this a great deal of attention
Spetznaz Tower by Warsenal - Shop

This sniper tower is a thing of beauty, and with Dave's excellent airbrushing, should be a pleasure to paint
The tower is a lot larger than I expected, especially for the stated price. Warsenal offers good value
Intended for use in Infinity, the Spetznaz Tower is well proportioned for 28mm models
Hoboxes by Warmill - Shop

The Hobox is Warmill's idea of a Japanese Sleeping Pod in the future, supplied to house the homeless
Dave has given them a military-style green colouring -  maybe these boxes have been requisitioned for a military purpose? I especially love the glowing blue lights on the sides
The boxes offer ample cover for light infantry
Even TAGs will find these very useful
Billboards by Warsenal - Shop

Large advertisements, I intend to cover the black display screens with large adverts or graffiti
Dave's work on the struts, with weathering and highlights, is fantastic
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