Tuesday, 11 July 2017

City Hopper


The City Hopper is one of the latest releases from Antenociti's Workshop, perfect for quick jumps across the urban sprawl of Infinity

I knew I needed this as soon as I saw it - I have a large Landing Pad as part of my terrain collection and it has been looking a little sparse

I went for a bold orange and dark grey scheme, similar to the official "Studio" scheme

I do not own an airbrush, so when the orange inevitably did not come out as smoothly as I had hoped, battle damage was the answer! This fits in well with the rest of the board, so I'm not disheartened

A few transfers scattered across the craft add some points of interest

The windows were painted in the same manner as the cars in the rest of the collection, and have since been matt varnished as I was not happy with the gloss finish

These laser grids have also been completed, which will be perfect for blocking the long firelanes of the Neon City

A bit of damage and graffiti adds to the "used future" look

Go-Go Marlene is used to something a little... cleaner, but when needs must! 
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