Saturday, 22 July 2017

Blood Bowl - Linemen and Blitzers

Some weeks ago keen-eyed readers may have noticed a post showing off a Blood Bowl player I had been working on. This was the first of what would turn into a full fifteen-man team, a commission for my Good Friend Ben. I'm not in the habit of taking commissions, but in this case I decided to see what I could do for him. The new models looked good and simple to paint, and it had been a long time since I had painted any Games Workshop plastics.

It took a long time and I was distracted a lot with other projects, but in the past few days I have made a concerted effort to getting them finished. Basically I was sick of fobbing Ben off! Here are the results - quick, simple and effective. Adding grass on the bases will really round them off nicely, but this is something Ben will be doing.
Three Linemen

The next three Linemen - to differentiate, them, some were given simple silver pads or weaponry, where others enjoyed more blue in their scheme

The four converted Blitzers - each is individual unlike the Linemen

I enjoyed painting the Blitzers a lot - they are stacked with armour and their helmets look great

When the commission is finished and they are returned to their owner he will be adding green grass and tufts to the bases - this will make them really pop! 
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