Thursday, 27 July 2017

Blood Bowl - The Drakwald Lions

The commission is finally complete, and I can safely hand them off to their owner, ready for some grass/tufts on the bases and a final layer of varnish. I can't say I'll miss them too much, but it was a pleasant distraction to paint something different!

Each model has their number on their back plate and one of their chest plates (except one Catcher, as his would not fit and has been placed on the shoulder). The numbers are taken from American Football (Ben is the expert, I know nothing!) and the team scheme is roughly linked to the Detroit Lions, hence the name of the Drakwald Lions. Hopefully they will be a little more successful!
Converted Catcher and Thrower

The four converted Blitzers

The Ogre with two of his smaller colleagues

Three Linemen

The full team ready for some grass on their bases and some games to play! 

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