Friday, 1 May 2015

AAR - The Kingdom of Denmark and Prussian Empire versus The Russian Coalition

"Anticipating strong resistance, the White Banner Northern Fleet moved against Stavanger in the early hours of the 29th April, 1873. Leading the attack were squadrons armed for naval engagement - Bombardment Group Slava would move into range once the defenders had been smashed aside. The Russian vanguard negotiated the dense minefields of the Byfjorden and quickly came within sight of the walls of the port - but also into range of the defending fleet. 

The limited naval assets of the Kingdom of Denmark had been kept in reserve while the 46th Interdiction Group tried and failed to stop the Russian advance, and now they would be forced to prove their mettle in the shallow waters of the port itself. Their powerful short-range gunnery and skill at maneuvering the dense channels of the port would give them an advantage against the immense, ungainly vessels of the Russian Coalition, but they were few in number. 

In support of the Danish flotilla, the surviving Prussian vessels of the 46th Interdiction Group had rallied once more at Stavanger, their numbers almost inconsequential against the coming storm. Nonetheless, their expertise and still-formidable firepower would prove helpful, especially alongside the Sturmbringer-class Submarine U-113, an unexpected ally under the command of infamous reaver Jürgen Grönemeyer that had snuck past the Russian fleet to aid the besieged port. 

The defenders of Stavanger would have one chance to stop the Russian attack - if they failed, the Bombardment Group waiting in deeper waters would have free reign to move into range and level the city..." 
- The Hunt for the Markgraf (cont.)
Naval Battles of 1873