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AAR - The Black Wolf Mercenaries and Chinese Federation versus The Honourable Eclipse Company

"In the wake of the disastrous ambush at the Natuna Archipelago at the hands of the Honourable Eclipse Company, the Chinese Federation redeployed several Battle Groups to scour the islands and rid the South China Sea of these tenacious mercenaries. 

To assist them, the naval commanders of the Federation hired mercenaries from the southern oceans - ships of the Black Company whose loyalty was expensive and motivations unknown. Though unused to using mercenaries and privateers, the advanced technologies of the Black Company would aid them in tracking the hidden bases of the Eclipse Company and bombarding them out of existence.

The Grand Coalition were buoyed by the response of the Chinese Federation - violence would guarantee the service of the Eclipse Company where a more prudent, financial bidding war may have resulted being outbid and losing their contract, but worried at the sight of even more mercenaries being drawn into the chaos of the South China Sea theatre.

At Pulau Salor, Battle Group Hsien would encounter an Eclipse Company Brigade Headquarters, and battle would be joined amid the rocks of the small island, the Black Company leading the initial attack..." 
- The Cauldron: War in the South China Sea
Naval Battles of 1873

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AAR - The Honourable Eclipse Company and Federated States of America versus The Chinese Federation

"Typhoon season slowed the War in the South China Sea, but it would not last forever, and both sides had not been idle in preparing for the next offensive. The Grand Coalition had been stretched thin at the end of the last year, forced to employ mercenaries against the immense fleets of the Chinese Federation, and following the success at Labuan, they prepared once more to engage the services of the Honourable Eclipse Company. 

In concordance with the Naval Command of the Federated States of America, the Admiralty of the Brtiannian Royal Navy and the Brigade commanders of the Honourable Eclipse Company formed a plan to mislead and trick the Chinese Federation, drawing one of their fleets into a trap the Eclipse Company would spring. 

After weeks of preparation, everything was in place for the Second Element of the Nanyang Fleet to be drawn into the Natuna Archipelago, where secret fortifications lurked beneath the waves ready to emerge and attack the Chinese fleet. A small American Destroyer group would serve as the bait, while the grand airships and bombers of the Eclipse Company would lurk overhead, to descend from the clouds and destroy the enemy. 

The trap was a fine one, but doubts lurked in the minds of the fleet commanders - would the Chinese Federation fall for the ruse? What if they were aware of the trap, and prepared accordingly? These questions would be answered in the coming hours..." 
- The Cauldron: War in the South China Sea
Naval Battles of 1873

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