Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Conversion Corner


N3 signalled the end of the Aerial Deployment with HMG domination, as the range bands for the HMG changed and they became better at longer rangers - more suited to covering fire from afar than dropping into the middle of the enemy deployment zone. For some of the factions, this also signalled the loss of even the option for an HMG on their drop troopers - while others would have to either gamble with it and be very careful with their deployment, or switch down to the powerful (but not all-powerful) Boarding Shotgun

The Nomad Nation got to keep the HMG option on their Hellcats, but also gained the new option for the Spitfire - a close-range monster of a special weapon perfect for infiltrators, drop troopers and anyone else who likes to get up in the face of the enemy. 

For the sake of completeness, and also because I wanted a return to the Good Old Days when my Hellcat with HMG won games single-handedly, I began work on my Hellcat with Spitfire last week. He's now ready for some paint, but here's the Work-In-Progress pictures so far! 

The model was made with the body from the Hellcat with HMG model, and the arms from the Hellcat Hacker, converted to lose the Combi-Rifle and carry a Spitfire instead. The other arm, usually in the process of running a Hacking Program, was twisted to represent an arm extended for balance
He was drilled and pinned into his base, as the one-legged landing poses of the Hellcats do not like resin bases without proper support! 
The Spitfire was taken from the weapons sprue that comes with the Vortex Spec-Ops model - a very useful blister pack!
Landing into the combat zone with this decidedly bulky gun, the Hellcat is ready for action
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  1. Good advice. I'll have to look into getting the "spec op" miniature for the extra bits.