Saturday, 21 November 2015

AAR - The Russian Coalition versus The Prussian Empire

"The Markgraf, once the pride of the Prussian Navy, their greatest prize and invaluable asset in the North Sea theatre, had become a great weight around the neck of Baron Karl-Ehrhart Grunner. Following his early victories, he was now being hunted by some of the most powerful Naval Powers in the world. His political support was drawing thin, and his demands for aid met stony silence. 

With reinforcement lacking and his options running out, Grunner embarked on a highly risky strategy - his fleet would lure their pursuers to the Norwegian coastline and seek to double-back and outflank them amid the rocks. At the same time, they would draw the attention of the fiercely territorial Teutonic Order of Prussian-Scandinavia. Enraged by the presence of foreign interlopers in their waters, it was hoped the Teutonic Order would deploy their infamous Battle Robots to intercede on their behalf. 

The plan was, at least initially, a complete success. Seneschal Gerhard mobilised his Baronial Court as soon as the Russian fleet appeared on the horizon. At Midbrødøya, the immense Battle Robots clambered down the rocks and into the ocean, led by their master aboard the Hochmeister-class Dreadnought-Robot Carolus Rex.

...but Grunner had underestimated the size of the Russian fleet. A truly titanic clash would occur as the Teutonic Order strode into battle with a huge fleet of enemy warships. By days end, both sides would be reeling from the cost of Grunner's arrogance..."

The Hunt for the Markgraf (cont.)
Naval Battles of 1873

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Thursday, 5 November 2015

AAR - The Black Wolf Mercenaries versus The Prussian Empire

" the wake of the bloody engagement with the Federated States of America and the prolonged duel with the Enterprise-class Dreadnought Dortmunder, the Markgraf was badly damaged and exposed. Struggling through the bitter waters of the North Sea, the remnants of Baron Grunner's Hunter Fleet sought protection amid the oil fields, hoping to mask the location of the Dreadnought while it was repaired. 

Calls for assistance were sent out to Prussian-held ports along the Norwegian and Danish coast, demanding reinforcements to protect the vessel. Encrypted with the latest Prussian ciphers, these messages were nonetheless intercepted and decoded by the brigand mercenaries of the Black Company. Their contacts in the Britannian Admiralty quickly promised them untold riches for the capture or destruction of the rogue Dreadnought, and using their advanced technologies they made all speed for the North Sea oil fields. 

Deploying a massive fleet of aerial and naval vessels out of hidden ports on the Scottish coast, the Black Company were not content to destroy the Markgraf but wished it for themselves - much as they had done two years previously, they would capture a Dreadnought and drag it back to their pirate anchorage. Their fleet was unnaturally fast and could reach the target before any Russian or Britannian squadron, but they would not beat the Wolf Pack of renowned Submarine Commander Jurgen Grönemeyer... 

Battle would be joined amid the dense Visund Oil Field..."
The Hunt for the Markgraf (cont.)
Naval Battles of 1873