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AAR - The Russian Coalition versus The Prussian Empire

"In their continuing pursuit across the North Sea, the White Navy deployed huge numbers of Reconnaissance Planes from their Carrier Groups, developed for longer flights across a wider range. They all searched for a single target - the rogue Dreadnought Markgraf. Though initially unsuccessful, they did bring unprecedented mapping of the Prussian Hunter Fleets' locations, giving Grand Coalition convoys a chance in their dangerous journeys.

The Prussian Navy were not lax in this time - they followed the Reconnaissance Planes in turn, tracking them to their Carrier Groups of origin and taking the opportunity to avoid the slower Russian formations, or attack them and achieve significant victories. It was during one of these missions that the infamous Donner Squadron was despatched from escorting the Markgraf to attack a pair of carriers off the Caister Oil Fields. 

For the Russian Coalition, their game of bluff and double-bluff had paid off - aerial attack on the Markgraf was all but impossible with Donner Squadron protecting it, but in drawing them away from the Dreadnought they could pick them off and deny the Markgraf aerial cover in the future. 

The great Skyship Ilyushin was despatched with all haste to engage Donner Squadron and deal with them once and for all..."
The Hunt for the Markgraf (cont.) 
Naval Battles of 1874

Monday, 18 January 2016

AAR - The Prussian Empire versus The Black Wolf Mercenaries

"Some two months had passed since the ambush at Visund Oil Field, and the Prussian Hunter Fleets still keenly felt the loss of U-113, vessel of Submarine Commander Grönemeyer. The Markgraf had withdrawn to the south, and the Prussian hold over the shipping lanes in the North Sea faltered. 

A new player emerged from hidden bases along the Scottish coast - the mercenaries of the Black Company. Piratical and beholden to no Great Nation, their attacks at the end of the last year had forced the Markgraf to turn away from the northern oil fields, and now they had free reign to attack the shipping lanes and plunder as they pleased. 

Baron Grunner could not stomach this conceit - his experience against the Black Company off Greenland had bred a deep disdain for these renegades, and the loss of his best Submarine Commander still enraged him. While the Markgraf evaded Grand Coalition patrols, he charged Carrier Group Lützow with engaging the Black Company - defending Prussian shipping, ensuring his Wolf Packs would have unrestricted access to the North Sea oil fields, and denying them the chance to attack the Markgraf again. 

The Black Company were a scourge, and would need to be dealt with quickly..."
The Hunt for the Markgraf (cont.)
Naval Battles of 1874

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