Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Infinity League - Round Three and Four


Following a long hiatus with the Christmas and New Year, I have returned to the Infinity scene for my third and fourth games of the Infinity Winter League. Breaking out my dice and paintbrushes after the horror of moving house has been nice, even though my results (spoiler alert!) were not so spectacular! 
Finishing the converted Azra'il Special Deterrence Group for my proxy-McMurrough in Round Three, I spent last Tuesday working on a model for Round Four - a Mobile Brigada with HMG. Cracking him out at good speed, I am pleased with the result and feel confident about tackling the rest of the Link Team in the future. 


My first game was against Chris, local Infinity superstar and general Big Bad. His Tohaa had caused me a lot of problems in the past, and looking back at my list, I am not sure what I was planning. His snipers pinned me down, as with my first Order my Intruder with MULTI Sniper Rifle was gunned down messily. The Wildcats failed to make an impression, and though McMurrough did cause some brief concern, he was bloodily cut down by a Sakiel with Spitfire

My only consolation was achieving one of my Classified Objectives, but the game finished a 10 - 2 LOSS

Game Four was against Dan, again running the dastardly Tohaa. His force had even more snipers, and a Spec-Ops Hacker. Funnily enough, I had decided to try my Mobile Brigada Link Team in this mission - perfect timing!

The game went badly from the start, as the Mobile Brigada Link Team were shut down by a pair of Gao-Rael snipers. The Tomcat caused trouble, but was hunted down and his achievements rendered moot by the Tohaa Doctor. There was brief success killing a handful of cheap troops and bringing down a Sakiel with Spitfire, but ultimately a barrage of Swarm Grenades cut down the Link Team and the rest of the team were lost. The highlight of the game was using the Brigada Hacker to Brain Burst his Hacker - my first success with Hacking in such a manner! 

Just shy of achieving enough kills to score points, but having secured one Classified Objective, the game ended another 10 - 2 LOSS. Ouch, once again. Not a great night for the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, and enough to send me tumbling down the rankings of the League. Hopefully my last game will be against someone a bit squishier!

Round Five should take place in the next two weeks, and with that I will be taking a break from Infinity to concentrate on some new projects. For Round Five I do need to paint another model, however, and I am weighing my options as we speak. I may work on some Remotes to finish them all off, or perhaps the lovely Mobile Brigada with Boarding Shotgun. If I can get my hands on the brilliant new Spektr model that will probably be the top priority, as a stand-in Bandit

Watch this space! 
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  1. Lovely Mobile Brigadas models... And great use os Azrail fig as McMurdough!!