Saturday, 30 January 2016

Shotgun Wedding

Finally, some action on the painting table. After a month where my productivity has been... rather lacking, this week I had the opportunity to finish two new models for the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor. These will be ready for the final round of the Winter League.

First up is the new Spektr with Boarding Shotgun model, a fantastic piece with a stunning pose and a lot of nice details. Technically not part of my Sectorial, I intend to use it as a proxy Bandit for upcoming games. Perhaps in the future they will release a Bandit model (and I plan to pick one up), but for now this is great. 

Secondly is a Mobile Brigada with Boarding Shotgun, a third member for the Link Team and another step towards the full five-man Link. 
The Spektr with Boarding Shotgun
Back view
Leap over a piece of debris to place a mine, I love the pose of this model
The Mobile Brigada with Boarding Shotgun
The pose on this model is in the middle of the action, reloading quickly
I enjoy painting the Mobile Brigada as they are deceptively simple, with loads of armour plates
I like how different the pose is to the Mobile Brigada with HMG given they share the same body and legs
The Link Team so far
Ready for action!
The Spektr alongside Señor Massacre, another model I have used to proxy the Bandit profile
I painted the Spektr's helmet red to match Señor Massacre, something different from the rest of the team to mark them apart
Go-Go Marlene interviews the latest recruit for the High Rollers
The new additions since the beginning of the Winter League - a good set of new models to bulk out the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor
The two models took approximately five hours to paint, over three sittings
Both are armed with Boarding Shotguns, for close-range action
Sneaking forward to get close
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