Friday, 31 July 2015

AAR - The Grand Coalition versus The Prussian Empire

"The grand Dreadnought Markgraf had been revealed, and was now loose in the North Sea. Escorted by Baron Grunner's Stavanger fleet and joined by reinforcements out of Toenning, the Hunter Fleet set out to cause havoc along the northern coast of the Kingdom of Britannia, starting with the oil fields beyond the Shetland Islands. 

At the Magnus oil field (once under Danish control but lost in the early months of the War), Prussian reconnaissance spotted a small convoy fleet moving amid the derricks, no doubt carrying supplies and manpower to maintain the production of oil. Concealed by covert technologies, they would attack and claim their first prey! 

Unable to respond in time and aghast at the prospect of losing their oil fields, the Kingdom of Britannia appealed to their allies in the north, the Russian Coalition. Enraged at the mere existence of the Markgraf, they consented to give aid immediately, and despatched a small Battle Group to intercept the Prussians at Magnus. 

The Kingdom of Britannia were assured their convoy would be defended, but the Russians had another objective in mind..."
- The Hunt for the Markgraf (cont.)
Naval Battles of 1873

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Thursday, 16 July 2015

AAR - The Prussian Empire versus The Russian Coalition

"Summer, 1873 brought some small glimmer of heat to the bleak waters of the North Sea, but a wall of ice had formed across the Byfjorden. Not natural but man-made, erected by the immense Glacier Generators of the Russian Coalition, this immense edifice would trap the ships of the Imperial Bond and stop them from escaping into the North Sea.

For Baron Karl-Ehrhart Grunner, this was the tipping point. No longer would he waste lives and ships keeping the Russians at bay - he needed access to the wider oceans or his entire purpose was lost. If they wanted their lost Dreadnought Markgraf so badly, he would drive it into the ice wall himself! 

Assembling the best warships left in his battered fleet and commandeering a Titan-class Troop Transport to carry an entire legion of Luftlancers directly into battle, Grunner ordered the Markgraf to be unleashed, revealed from its secret moorings and claimed as his flagship. They sailed for a narrow passage in the ice wall where a hastily gathered Russian fleet was assembling to intercept the immense Dreadnought. There would be a reckoning amid the ice, near the shores of Bru, and the Russians would finally have their chance to reclaim their lost Dreadnought. For Grunner, this was an incredible gamble - glorious victory and the breaking of the blockade, or a most humiliating defeat..."
- The Hunt for the Markgraf
Naval Battles of 1873

Monday, 6 July 2015

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