Monday, 6 July 2015

Pause and Reflect


As we welcome July and pass halfway through 2015, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the year so far and think about what the future holds.

2015 has been at once extremely busy, and a somewhat slow year hobby-wise. The blog has been more popular than ever, but my Real Life™ job has conspired to get busier and busier, leaving less time for painting and gaming, which in turn has meant I have had to choose between writing on the blog or painting my latest projects. This has slowed down the posting and I've had to cut down to ten posts per month - hopefully the content has been better, and the number of good quality pictures made up for it!

Gaming-wise I have been attending my local gaming club on Thursday nights, playing Infinity every week (there is no Dystopian Wars community at the club), and attending the tournaments run there every two months (plus others further afield). Infinity became my main system for most of the year, and the majority of my painting time has been on my Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, leaving me with a massive fully-painted force totalling over 1,000pts! A few projects remain before I would consider a second Faction.

I enjoy Infinity a huge amount, but the past month has seen a new system gain popularity at the gaming club, and my attentions have turned to Dropzone Commander. Learning this system and collecting a new army has gripped me, and after the Infinity Escalation League ended last week, I felt a bit of Infinity-burnout. Time for a break while I play some more light-hearted Dropzone, ready for a tournament at the end of July and others in the Autumn.

Through all of this, my dedication to Dystopian Wars has wavered. Following several months without releases from Spartan, and the disruption of my usual weekly Dystopian Wars gaming, it has fallen by the wayside somewhat. I still love the system and the models, but newer, shinier systems (systems I can guarantee playing every week) have taken my attention, and I do not know when I will get back to painting my tiny boats.

For those readers who visit for the Dystopian content, I can only apologise. I will still be posting Battle Reports as they happen, as I love writing them and keeping the story going with my old foes Mike and Ben, but I cannot guarantee weekly content, and imagine the majority of my posting for the upcoming summer months will be for Dropzone Commander and Infinity. This blog was never meant to be dedicated to Spartan Games or Dystopian Wars specifically - it is Full Spectrum Dominance afterall - the time has come to focus on different systems, different settings and different scales.

Real Life™ will interfere again soon, as I am moving house. The next few days will be difficult, but after that I'll have more space for painting and be closer to work (less time wasted travelling!), which should give me the opportunity to get even more projects done, which means more posts with real progress and more time for writing.

Current Projects 
- Get the Resistance up to over 1,500pts ready for the tournament at the end of the month, and learn to play competently.
- Finish the last few models for the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor for Infinity. I think I've down to ten or so models, so not far off! That is until the next Nomad release...
- Paint more Infinity terrain, and maybe work on some stuff for Dropzone Commander.
- Play more Dystopian Wars, and hopefully get some more Battle Reports sorted!

Exciting times ahead!

Thanks for reading,



  1. I always love your Dystopian Wars coverage. It is mainly the reason that I have gotten into the tiny boats myself. Dropzone does look really intruiging and I am tempted to make the jump myself. Keep up the good work and I look forward to what you have to share for the rest of the year.

  2. Thanks for your tremendous blog ;)

    Weren't you attracted by Planetfall ? I understood many players at your club are already playing Dropzone thought. But you would have been a great promoting tool for it.

    Always impressed by you count of game played, and models painted ! I'm currently at 112...
    How do you count ? I count any base, so a SAS base count as 1 as do a battleship. I guess you do the same.

    Cheers and keep up !

  3. Thanks for all the good work! I have a similar gaming live but the other way round! :) I was into INfinity and sold everything last year, have never looked back as I am not interested in it any more. Dystopian Wars was my unsung hero last year with two campaigns but I had a bit of a burn out myself around Christmas and combined with a new working place stopped playing it on a regular basis.
    This years numero uno was Freebooter's Fate as it is easy going, I was able to create a more or less stunning table and all of my fellow gamers own a at least a small Freebooter party.
    But I played a DW game this week and my appetite is back. The tiny ships, the islands, the action.....I have missed it!
    And nowhere on the web can be better pictures found than here about DW. I do not mind if there are no weekly updates on DW..hey it is still a hobby...but I am certainly a happy man to find the occasional DW report on your blog.
    cheers and greetings from Austria!!