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Surging Strike


The rag-tag forces of the Resistance
JULY 1st. 2671AD

Following my last report, skirmishes in the Sparshead Gamma theatre with hostile Resistance forces have escalated beyond projected estimates, revealing a hidden strength we could not have guessed from our limited scout intelligence. The Resistance forces so far encountered operate with a manic zeal and a haphazard grasp of basic military tactics that makes them both unpredictable and illogical, yet highly effective against our relatively inexperienced forces. They have shown skill in feints, false retreats and surprise attack, unleashing crazed yet highly-skilled warriors to plant their mines directly onto the hulls of our tanks. 

Our most recent encounter has seen our grip on the financial district of Sparshead Gamma lost, as their largest host yet encountered attacked our armoured formations based around the Ferrum-class Drone Base Adamantium Will. Lieutenant-General Yates was not injured in the battle, but his forces were smashed and forced to abandon the area. Censure and rebuke will be issued shortly. 

These unexpected losses in the Sparshead theatre will not be allowed to stand, and these feral creatures will be culled.
Model 109 Breaching Drill and Freeriders
- Continuous broadcast during combat over all channels, suspected Resistance in origin
Resistance Fighters and their Jackson Half-track APCs
"This was my third drop into the city - another raid to fight those... those things down there. Not the Scourge, not aliens but humans - survivors from the Old Days. We'd heard stories and seen reports of The Resistance, the people we were coming to liberate, to save. Heroes, all of them, fighting to keep the flame alight in the darkness all these years... 

The... survivors... down here, in this ruin... they don't want to be saved. Their flame went out a long time ago, and the darkness consumed them. Something worse than the Scourge got in their heads...
- Private First Class Vitalij Heider, 107th Drop Regiment, debriefing +++SEQUESTERED+++Level 5 clearance required+++
Battle Buses
AT-77 Lifthawk
"The Resistance fighters first found at Sparshead Gamma have suffered decades of isolation, and emerged a warped and savage breed. Under the despotic tyrant known as Esh, they endured the Badlands beyond the Scourge-occupied cities and evolved into a society based on salvage and savagery, culturally impoverished but self-sufficient, fanatically religious yet highly skilled in mechanical maintenance, vehicular warfare and resisting the attentions of Scourge patrols and UCM incursions into their territory. 

The years of horror have bred out any capacity for reason or recognition of sanity as we know it. They see meat instead of a human being, scrap metal to maintain their own steeds rather than a luxury sedan. The lost People of Esh, the Forsaken, they see our efforts to reclaim their world and liberate them as an affront to their God and as violent a violation as anything the Scourge have wreaked upon them. The only response we shall receive from this rogue tribe is one of intense rejection and violence, and they should be treated with the utmost caution."
- Dermott J and Grace D., (2671) Essays on Survival: Fighting Forces of the Resistance on the Cradle Worlds, 44 (1) 2
Occupation Veterans with Battle Buses
M3 Alexander
"By my deeds I honour Him."
- Unidentified Resistance fighter
Gun Wagons emerge from their NT-1 Kraken Hovercraft
M9 Hannibal MBTs
"The night was darkest before the dawn, but He is the one who grasped the sun! He brought The Light to us, and showed us The Road. ESH! The Immortal! He Who Voice Drowns Out All Others! Witness! WITNESS!"
- Unidentified Resistance fighter
Jackson Half-tracks
Battle Buses carried in an NT-1 Kraken Hovercraft

This week saw the Resistance take to the field once more, for their third and largest game so far. The mission chosen was Surging Strike, a zone-control game based around five Focal Points. Following last weeks 2 - 0 victory against Sean at 500pts, I had made a 1,500pt list with a more Objective-based game in mind, featuring lots of infantry and a Breaching Drill for them to run down. Not ideal for this particular mission! Nonetheless, I wanted to try a few different things out for the upcoming tournament at the end of July, and this would be a good time for a test run. I would need an "All-Comers" list that would work in both this style of mission and the more Objective-based ones.

The force was based around the Starter Box, with additional support shown below. Not much "heavy" stuff but lots of light units that would cover the main force as it grabbed the Objectives and worked forward.

Warlord's HQ 
Mk.3 Alexander (Leader) carried in an AT-77 Lifthawk with AA Cannon
Two bands of Freeriders

Vehicle Detachment
Three Gun Wagons mounted in an NT-1 Kraken Hovercraft

Resistance Band
Three bands of Resistance Fighters in three Jackson Half-tracks, carried by an AT-77 Lifthawk

Resistance Band
One band of Resistance Fighters and one band of Occupation Veterans in two Battle Buses, mounted in an NT-1 Kraken Hovercraft

Rusted Fist
Two M9 Hannibal MBTs carried in an AT-77 Lifthawk with AA Cannon
Three AH-16 Cyclone Attack Helicopters

Fast Strikers
One J19 Hellhog Fighter Jet with Extra Ammunition

Breaching Drill
One Model 109 Breaching Drill

My opponent Dom ran the United Colonies of Mankind, and his force is shown below. Light on infantry, light on AA and heavily weighted toward bombardment and anti-tank weaponry - pretty good for this mission, aside from the slow speed!

Field Command
One Kodiak ACV (Lieutenant)
One Ferrum-class Drone Base
Four Wolverine-B LAVs

Armoured Formation
Three Sabre MBTs carried in a Condor Medium Dropship
Three Rapier AATs carried in a Condor Medium Dropship

Legionnaire Corps
Legionnaire Squad in a Raven-A Light Dropship with Missile Pods
Legionnaire Squad in a Raven-A Light Dropship with Missile Pods
Two Longbow Howitzers carried by two Raven-B Light Dropships with Missile Pods

Special Ordnance
Two Gladius Heavy Tanks carried in a Condor Medium Dropship

Special Ordnance
Two Scimitar Tank Hunters carried in a Condor Medium Dropship

Air Wing
Two Archangel Interceptors
One Seraphim Strike Fighter

The game was a short but brutal affair, as we only managed four turns before the club closed. Some horrendous dice rolls from both of us left the early turns uneventful, but the end of Turn Three and Four saw the Resistance get into optimum range, and with some handy rolls overwhelmed the UCM tank squadrons and weathered the counter-attack. The Freeriders and the Mk.3 Alexander dominated the board, while the Gun Wagons and the AA cannons on the Lifthawks ensured the Drones were dealt with and the lighter vehicles ripped apart. The infantry secured three of the Focal Points, while the Cyclones shredded his Rapier AA platforms, and then harassed the Scimitar squadron. The Hellhog, whom I had very high hopes for and a model I adore, did not appear till the very last turn, and took out a single Longbow! Mediocre!

Securing four Objectives and contesting the fifth, I managed to score a great deal of points, and caused more casualties as well. The game ended 10 - 3 in my favour on Victory Points, which combined with Kill Points gives a Tournament Score of 18 - 4. Wow! A solid victory for the Resistance against the evil of the United Colonies of Mankind. Dom was a fine player, but his list was not ideal for facing the Resistance, and his dice rolls did not forgive him. I am sure a rematch in the future will be a closer affair!

I think I am getting a feel for the system, and while it might not be Everything I've Ever Wanted And More, it has a charm to it that makes for a lot of fun. Combined with the great models, and I've found something worth investing some more time into! I look forward to playing some more games against new opponents, and the tournament at the end of the month. Coming soon... more painting progress, as I work on transports and aircraft!

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