Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Danes Are Coming!


First sighted nearly a year ago, the reinforcements and a redesigned Naval Battle Group boxset for the Kingdom of Denmark looks like it is on the way. Wayland Games have leaked their Pre-Order early, even before Spartan Games - naughty naughty! I can't be too critical though, as I am immediately posting the pictures on my blog.

Two boxsets for the Danes - the standard issue Naval Battle Group with a pair of Pocket Battleships, Cruisers, Gunships and two squadrons of Corvettes, and a Surface Assault Group with a massive new Carrier (with assault boats and planes!), two Light Sky Fortress and a group of new Assault Airships. With the word "Assault" being thrown around a lot with this box, can we guess what they'll be doing? I'm placing bets on... Boarding.

Only a small selection of new ships for the Danes is a slight disappointment, but I'm not sure what we expected. I am very pleased with the new Surface Assault Group, and that should be an easy purchase. As for the Naval Battle Group, I have a LOT of Danish Cruisers, Gunships and Corvettes, so this will not be great purchase for me, but it would be a perfect start for the new player. Maybe I will order another Pocket Battleship to bring my Danish up to a very respectable size.

Good times for the Imperial Bond players, I imagine these models will be shipping at the end of August.

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