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AAR - The Russian Coalition and Royal Australians versus The Prussian Empire

"The month of January saw the Russian Navy continue their attacks down the Norwegian coastline, searching for the lost Dreadnought Dzerzhinsky, now known as the Markgraf. Following their victory at the Lofoten Listening Station and the capture of several important Prussian scientists who had been involved in the Markgraf project, the hunters moved down past Bergen towards Stavanger. last known port of the great Dreadnought. 

En-route, the Russian fleet was joined by more ships from the Kingdom of Britannia, a small flotilla of older vessels that would assist them in navigating the southern reaches of the Norwegian Sea. Their numbers bolstered, the Russian fleet commander plotted a course for the island of Utsira and its small port - there they would wrest control of the dockyards and arrange for refits and repairs, ready to move on Stavanger. 

Their course was spotted and reported to the Prussian Naval Command, who immediately ordered one of their Wolf Packs to travel north to defend the port. There, they were joined by two mighty Metzgers from the knightly households of Prussian-Scandinavia, ready to defend their sovereign territory from the Russian invaders. 

Battle would be met in the port itself..."
- The Hunt for the Markgraf (cont.)
Naval Battles of 1873

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Moves Like Jaga-Jaga


Señor Massacre Enters The Arena

“Stay there on the floor and bleed, pendejo. You are no more than a punching bag to me. I am Señor Massacre and this fight ends right now.”

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Hack Attack


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AAR - The Prussian Empire versus The Russian Coalition and Indian Raj

"The great Moskva-class Dreadnought Dzerzhinsky was lost to the Prussian Empire in the early months of 1871, a mighty prize and a potent symbol for Prussian superiority in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Baltic. The vessel was taken to a hidden base near Stavangar, stripped of her secrets and rebuilt by Prussian scientists as the Markgraf. This incredible warship appeared in only one engagement, destroying a Russian Battle Group near Tambar, before disappearing once more - Prussian Naval Command would not risk losing their prize. 

For nearly two years, nothing was heard, and though the Russians made several covert attempts to discover the location and status of the Dreadnought, it was not until January, 1873 that the Markgraf was sighted once more off the coast of Norway, taking part in manoeuvres with a combined task force of Danish and Prussian vessels. The response was unusually swift for the Russian Coalition - they immediately diverted several squadrons from their Northern Fleet and ordered attacks down the Norwegian coast. 

To aid them in this endeavour and clearly perturbed by an aggressive Russian fleet so close to their national waters, the Kingdom of Britannia despatched a small Task Group formed of colonial vessels from the Indian Raj to meet with them and aid in their initial forays. 

The first attack was against a small listening post near Lofoten. The Prussian Empire responded in kind. A powerful Interdiction Fleet moved to intercept the belligerent Russian Navy, and would meet them at Lofoten..."
- The Hunt for the Markgraf
Naval Battles of 1873

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