Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Oh, Those Russians...


The Russian Coalition have finally reached 1,000pts, somewhat later than I had originally hoped, but I am pleased with the results so far and want to crack on with painting more Russian ships as soon as possible. The scheme is brutally stark and rather tedious to paint at times, but once the initial layers of grey are finished the detail, weathering and weaponry is enjoyable enough. If they were simpler ships, like the Prussian Empire, things would be easier - but part of their appeal is the huge amount of detail and layered Ablative Armour, so here we are.

The Naval Battle Group and one additional Battle Cruiser are now finished, meaning that my entire Russian collection is roughly 1/3 done - a rather depressing statistic when considered. Over 2,000pts worth of ships, escorts and flyers are left to complete, but I think I will try to work in 500pt chunks and aim to get the playable fleet to 1,500pts (my standard game size) with the addition of a Tambov-class Gunship squadron and a second Borodino-class Battleship.

Onward to the pictures!
The Dudinka-class Assault Carrier and pair of Azov-class Battle Cruisers, with the newer, sharper design on their flank armour
The Dudinka-class Assault Carrier is packed with firepower and carries an important Glacier or Mimic Generator
Squadrons of Fighter Planes and Dive Bombers, with one Reconnaissance Plane
The Azov-class Battle Cruisers are wonderfully detailed ships carrying powerful turrets and broadsides
I like to field Battle Cruisers in pairs, as they wield brilliant firepower but can suffer from lower defences than a mighty Battleship or Dreadnought and with two, you can be sure at least one will make it into optimum range relatively undamaged
The Borodino-class Battleship and three Suvorov-class Cruisers - the backbone of the fleet
The Ablative Armour and additional Generators are great features of the Borodino-class Battleship, giving the ship some weight
The massive armoured prow of the Borodino gives it an impressive strength when ramming
The Suvorov-class Cruisers are simple ships, but brutally effective
A squadron of Tambov-class Gunships will be my next addition to the fleet, supporting the Suvorov squadron
Rostov-class Destroyers with their immense Fore Guns
Packed with crew, the Kazimov-class Corvettes are a potent threat at close range
The evolution of the ship designs - I look forward to adding some more classes to this line-up
The Russian Coalition sit at just over 1,000pts at the moment, and I hope to have them reach 1,500pts soon

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  1. Gret job ! You're killing me.
    You made me count what I painted in 2014, and it's only 79 models (thus including big 40K stuff)$

    I thought SaS would be the occasion to paint more colors ? Oh yeah some blue one, quite discrete once again :D