Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Chinese Takeaway


This month has been spent painting a few models for Infinity and Hordes, but the Big Project has been a commissioned fleet - the Chinese Federation for my friend Mike. Given the crucial caveat of "paint them the same as Ben's fleet," this was the second Chinese fleet I have painted in this scheme, so I felt pretty confident with churning out the twelve squadrons to a deadline. Following several sessions of frantic painting, they are finished! 

My painting has evolved and improved (debatable) in the many months since painting the last Chinese fleet, and though the basic methods have stayed the same, some adjustments have been made to the scheme and some different shades of red and turquoise used for the superstructures and hull plating. This fleet could be considered better painted than the original in many ways, but in other aspects I am happier with the first fleet, especially the prevalence of turquoise which has been reduced for these new squadrons. 

I do not take many commissions any more, especially since my own personal painting time has been reduced in the past couple of years, but for Dystopian Wars and for my friends I can usually make an exception. The models are a lot of fun to paint and not at all time consuming - especially compared to systems like Infinity! 

Onto the models...

Three Dao-class Cruisers, with turrets to convert them into Wodao-class Gunships
A third turret is needed to complete the squadron 
Wodao-class Gunships
Guan Dao-class Battle Cruisers 
Two Guan Dao-class Battle Cruisers with the Jian-class Battleship
The Jian-class Battleship with Rocket Batteries
Four Chui-class Support Carriers
The tiny flyers on the flight decks were painted jade to mark them as different to the original Chinese fleet
Two squadrons of Yue-class Destroyers
Two squadrons of Nu-class Frigates
Four Dun-class Bastions

The Fleet
So there we are! Both of my most common Dystopian Wars opponents now have Chinese fleets that I have painted in the same scheme. I look forward to the two of them allying together one day for a truly monstrous fleet action!

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  1. I can't help but think they are painted better than my fleet. ;-)

  2. All the Chinese ships look like they're modeled on the country's old architecture and buildings.