Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Painting Progress


January can be a difficult month for the hobby - Worklikes to stay relatively busy while all of my staff try to get their holidays in before the end of the financial year, while I also try to rebuild a social life destroyed by working all Christmas and New Year. Nonetheless, this cold month was a productive one for both Infinity and Dystopian Wars, finishing a big commission piece for a friend and updating my Infinity collection to fit with the newly released Third Edition. 

The start of the year saw some on-going long term projects make progress - specifically the Federated States of America received reinforcements with two Destroyers and a squadron of Fighter Planes, while the Russian Coalition received their second Battle Cruiser and several squadrons of Fighters and Bombers
A fun little side project, Jaga-Jaga the Death Charmer was added to my Gatormen collection
Practising the Third Edition of Infinity led me to bulk out the team with some Hackers, their Remote support, and the awesome mercenary Señor Massacre
The last two weeks of the month were spent furiously painting a second Chinese Federation fleet as a commission for my friend Mike - overall a great success
So there we are for January, but what does February hold? 

This coming month will be dedicated to Infinity terrain, as I have my first tournament of the year coming up at the end of the month and have pledged no less than THREE tables for the event. A huge pile of MDF scenery and spray cans sits by my painting table, ready for the production line to begin once again. 

Aside from the huge amount of terrain, I am intending to run an Iguana in the coming tournament, so work on that grand project will have to begin again! I realise I end far too many of these posts with promises about the Iguana, but at least this time I have a deadline to aim for!

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  1. Beautiful models. I especially like the Chinese fleet.