Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Infinity Terrain - Crovane SUV


The Crovane SUV is not the first vehicle I have painted for Infinity, but it is the first resin one, and also the first from Microart Studio. It is their first foray in vehicles built specially for Infinity, and is a good-sized addition to my fleet of cars and trucks, with a futuristic aesthetic without looking wildly outlandish.

The Crovane SUV from Microart Studio
Painting the Crovane SUV was initially quite easy - red layered over a white undercoat for a smooth finish, dark blue for the windows and grey for the metallics, with dust and weathering to cover any mistakes. A stripe decal finished the effect, running down the roof to give it something special.

"I really don't want to get my insurance company involved."
Unfortunately, complications arose when varnishing the model - perhaps I had not cleaned the resin properly, but the drying varnish caused the paint on the windows to crack, showing the resin beneath. I tried to cover this by re-painting the blue, then varnishing it by hand before finishing with spray varnish, but this has left the windows looking somewhat crinkled. Not the effect I was going for!

Go-Go Marlene shows off the latest model 
How would I avoid this in the future? Washing the resin better could help, or being wary with the paints used on the windows - it is odd that only the windows cracked. I am obviously annoyed, but not deeply upset - as a piece of terrain, I think I can get away with not having an award-winning finish.
The Gecko seeks cover
The Gecko shows his comrade the spacious Crovane SUV
Price-wise the SUV is not the cheapest piece of resin on the market, and requires some assembly as the wheels are all separate. Cost and clean-up is comparable with Antenocitis Workshop, with Microart coming off slightly worse in both regards. Microart Studio are not renowned for low prices, though they are usually very good in quality.

Industrial transport vehicles and police tanks may outsize it, but the (unpainted) sports car is comparable
Combined with my other vehicles from other companies, I am pleased it will fit into my collection nicely. I look forward to their future releases!

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